Rapid manufacturing when you need it

We are experts in complex parts with short delivery times

With InstaCNC ready to assist exactly when you need it you become less dependant on your own prototype workshop. We are experts at producing, we have the latest tools and know how to handle complex details.

We generally have two different delivery times, the shortest which is five days and the longer which is ten days.

To be able to deliver our customers’ details in the short delivery time, we have three different materials stocked. Below you can see which materials it is and which maximum dimension applies to be able to reach the shortest delivery time (current delivery time, you will see the configuration module after you have uploaded your model). The stated dimensions are the cross-section that your detail must accommodate in order for us to be able to use our stored material.

  • Construction steel 1.0507 (SS212, S355JS), max dimension 179x179mm
  • Hardened steel 1.6582 (SS2541, 34CrNiMo6), max dimension ø183mm
  • Aluminum EN AW 6082 T6 (SS4212), max dimension 150x150xm

Even if your detail fits within these dimensions, there may be circumstances in your design that make the delivery time even longer, for example if special tools must be procured.

In addition to the above information for fastest delivery, we generally have a capacity ceiling as below.

  • When 3-axis milling can be applied, we can handle a volume of 1000x500x500mm
  • For machining that requires more than 3 axes, we handle maximum cylindrical ø500 mm.