The seller is iAlgo AB, with its registered office at Seljavägen 15, 792 95 Mora, Sweden.

Offer and acceptance

This document contains the general terms and conditions that apply to all transactions with the seller. The seller waives all other conditions that may be imposed by the buyer on his purchase order, etc. If the buyer provides purchase orders, etc. with other conditions, these should only be used by the buyer for internal use and not be binding on the seller. Except if other terms have been explicitly agreed with the buyer and the agreement has been signed by the signatory of the seller.


Quotations are given by the seller based on the 3D CAD model that the buyer provides, if changes are made to the 3D model, the quote must be updated. The offer is valid during the day the offer is issued, if the purchase is made later, the offer must be updated.

Prices and payment terms

All prices are given via a quote and payments can be made with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal or invoice. An invoice can only be given to those customers who have undergone a credit check by the seller. If the buyer is obliged to provide a purchase order for his purchase, the buyer has 2 days to do so after the order is placed, if the buyer does not do this, the order is canceled automatically.

Delivery / Ownership

All shipments are made according to Incoterms EXW (Ex Works). However, the seller offers the buyer to book shipping at the time of order, at the seller’s negotiated prices with the selected shipping supplier. Ownership of the shipment is transferred from the seller to the buyer only when the full amount of the offer has been paid and the seller has received it.

Right of withdrawal / Complaint / Return

All orders made by the seller are to be seen as specially made for the buyer, and thus there is no right of withdrawal for the buyer. If the buyer considers that the delivered order does not meet the requirements agreed between the buyer and the seller, the buyer must complain to the seller within 2 weeks of the goods arriving at the buyer. A complaint is first made by contacting the seller via E-mail, letter or telephone, then the seller can ask the buyer to return the goods, at the buyer’s expense, to the seller, the return must contain a clear description / measurement protocol of what the buyer considers not met. In the event of an approved complaint, the seller must either repair / replace the buyer’s item or cancel the purchase with a full refund to the buyer.

Cancellation of order

The buyer can cancel his order until the point when production of the order starts, this time varies and the buyer must therefore contact the seller as soon as possible in the desired cancellation. Upon approved cancellation, a refund is made to the buyer with a deduction for costs already incurred for the seller, these conditions are individual for each order and an agreement is reached between the buyer and seller for each such occasion. The seller has full right, to within 3 days from placed order, cancel the order, with full refund to the buyer, the seller can not be held responsible for any costs incurred by the buyer when the seller cancels the order.


Under no circumstances does the seller provide warranties on the function, strength and performance of the delivered product, nor can he be held responsible for this. As the seller only manufactures at the buyer’s request and descriptions (3D models, drawings, etc.), the buyer may be considered responsible for the function and performance of the final product. If the seller provides advice to the buyer regarding the design of the product, this is only done from the seller’s perspective regarding the manufacture of the product, and therefore takes no responsibility for how these changes affect the product’s final use and performance, the buyer has full responsibility for the final product.

Taxes / Customs

The buyer is obliged to pay all possible taxes and duties that may arise through this transaction.


The buyer is responsible for defending and holding the seller indemnified in the event of any disputes and claims that may arise through this transaction. This includes, but is not limited to, claims and costs of any kind that may (i) arise from the Buyer’s agreements with their customers, subsidiaries or partners; (ii) whether the drawings and descriptions provided by the buyer to the seller would be subject to patents, design protection, trade secrets or other commercial rights; (iii) other reasons arising from the Buyer’s transaction with the Seller; or if the seller (including their employees, representatives or agents) can be held legally liable by mistake where a party demands compensation, the buyer must be notified immediately and then has the right, at his own expense, to have control over the entire defense of the victim. At this point, the seller must fully support the buyer in the legal process, and provide the buyer with all useful information that may be needed.

Force majeure

The seller can not be held responsible for loss of production, loss of delivery or other delay caused by force majeure, fire, extreme weather, strikes, riots, inability to procure raw materials, equipment, labor or transport and government restrictions over which the seller can not exercise control.

EU export restrictions

The goods handled in the words are subject to EU regulation and export control regulations, which imposes restrictions on exports and re-exports of certain sensitive products and technologies. By receiving this order, you agree to have legal responsibility for compliance with these laws and regulations.

Public contract, arms trade

The buyer guarantees that the goods are not subject to any public contract and that they are not subject to the regulation of national or international arms trade.

Applicable law; jurisdiction

Rights and obligations between buyers and sellers in this contract shall be dealt with by Swedish law. The contract shall not be subject to the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. All possible disputes concerning this contract shall be decided by the Swedish court.

Last changed: 2022-02-07